Let Your Pennies Make Good Cents


L.Y.P.M.G.C. supports the Masonic Home.

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LYPMGC and the Masonic Home

The Let Your Pennies Make Good Cents Program began in 1958. It was created with the intention of every Brother donating a penny a day, to be deposited in an Endowment Fund with the principal never to be touched. It has since been raised to two pennies a day. The interest from this money would be utilized for the operation of the Masonic Home, which is one of only twenty homes with a FIVE STAR facility rating in Florida and thereby ensuring the residents of the Home an exceptional quality of life, which they so justly deserve. I am confident that any Brother who visits our Masonic Home will consider his pennies well spent, and will be very proud of our beautiful facility and the comfortable, secure environment that has been created for our Brothers and Sisters.

Many Brothers within the jurisdiction of Florida include L.Y.P.M.G.C. in the payment of their Dues to Lodge, in addition to voluntary contributions to the Grand Lodge of Florida. One hundred percent of the funds raised or collected for this program are not discretionary, and cannot be used for other particular Lodge expenditures.