Lodge History

lodgebuilding1933Sutherland Lodge No. 174 was chartered on January 21, 1909 with twenty members. Those members came from Florida lodges: Bronson No. 7, Hillsborough No. 25, Barrett No. 43, Star No. 78, Plant City No. 79, DeSoto No. 105, Tarpon No. 112 and Citrus No. 118, and Georgia Lodge Zerubbabel No. 15.

Four of the charter members had received their degrees in Sutherland Lodge while under dispensation (UD).

The photo to the right is the building as it was when it was a store (circa 1888 – 1900) owned by J. C. Craver who was the first Worshipful Master of Sutherland Lodge, having come from Tarpon Lodge No. 112 to form Sutherland Lodge UD. It was not yet the lodge building. It has been modified over the years and is now the lodge building (see other photos below).

Excerpt from “The Grand Lodge of Florida Free and Accepted Masons History, 1830 – 1988, Volume One – The Lodges” by J.Roy Crowther, PGM, Grand Historian. Copyright 1988:

Sutherland Lodge No. 174 was chartered on January 21, 1909 to meet at Sutherland in Hillsborough County (now Pinellas County).  The chartering Grand Lodge Officers were: Elmer Ellsworth Haskell – Grand Master, Louis C. Massey – Deputy Grand Master, Albert W. Gilchrist – Senior Grand Warden, George B. Glover – Junior Grand Warden, and Wilber P. Webster – Grand Secretary.

The charter officers of  Sutherland Lodge were: James C. Craver – Worshipful Master (from Tarpon No. 112), D. A. Hendrix – Senior Warden (from DeSoto No. 105), and Carter O. Jones – Junior Warden (from Bronson No. 7).

The additional charter members were: Benjamin Burghstream (Tarpon No. 112), William R. Campbell (Tarpon No. 112), Henry M. Fulford (Barrett No. 43), Jesse C. Green (Zerubbabel No. 15 of Georgia), Walter P. Hartman (Citrus No. 118), Reddin B. Hill (Tarpon No. 112), E. W. McMullen (Star No. 78), A. M. Meeks (UD), Henry F. Penny (Tarpon No. 112), Craven Roberts (Sutherland UD), George H. Smith (Tarpon No. 112), W. B.Thompson (Sutherland UD), Julius E. Ulmer (Tarpon No. 112), William M. Ulmer (Tarpon No. 112), Isaac A. Vernon (Plant City No. 79), Charles F. Wall (Hillsborough No. 25), and William D. Wood (Sutherland UD).

Sutherland is the only Florida lodge to use the number 174.

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